The Passionate Gardener

William Allegreeza and Galo Ghigliotto translate three Chilean Poets A poem by Dennis Barone and translation of Emanuel Carnevali
Tom Beckett Pam Brown translated by Jane Zemiro and Marie Gaulis
Peter Ciccariello Jon Corelis on Sappho and the Archpoet
Alexander Dickow translates Max Jacob Linh Dinh translates Marco Giovenale
Joseph Duemer on the Ching Phu Ngam James Finnegan
Farideh Hassanzadeh (Mostafavi) and Christina Pacosz on Nima Yushij Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Amy King Bill Lavender translates Arthur Rimbaud
Hank Lazer Charles Martin
Zeljko Mitic translated by Zeljko Mitic, Jr. Richard Jeffrey Newman translates the Shahnameh
Biljana D. Obradović translates Bratislav Milanović Obododimma Oha tranlates Ogonna Agu
Michael Rothenberg translated by Vincent Dussol Larissa Shmailo translates Yuri Arabov
Barry Schwabsky translates Paul Éluard Elizabeth Smither
Alan Sondheim Yerra Sugarman translates Celia Dropkin
Eileen Tabios translates her son Peter Thompson translates Nabil Farès
Martin J. Walker translates Albert Ehrenstein Joel Weishaus translates Po Chu-I
Mark Weiss translates Max Jacob

Reviews and Essays

Anny Ballardini translates Arturo Onofri


Ekleksographia is an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn. 


This issue is dedicated to translation and edited by Anny Ballardini.

Anny Ballardini lives in Bolzano, Italy. She grew up in New York, lived in New Orleans, Buenos Aires, Florence. A poet, translator and simultaneous interpreter for English, French, Italian, she received her MFA in Creative Writing from UNO, University of New Orleans, Chair and Director Bill Lavender. She teaches high school; edits an online poetry site; and writes a blog: Narcissus Works. Besides various full length publications of translations, to be mentioned are her two collections of poems, Opening and Closing Numbers, Moria Editions, Editor Bill Allegrezza, 2005; and Ghost Dance in 33 Movements Otoliths Press, Editor Mark Young, 2009. For a detailed CV see

Cover Illustration

The artwork to the left is by Berty Skuber, cover for Rudolf Borchardt's The Passionate Gardener in the English translation by Henry Martin (McPherson & Company, Kingston, New York, October 2006).

"Rudolf Borchardt's The Passionate Gardener is one of the most beautiful books ever written about gardening and the world of plants, about the poetry of observing and making sense of the world around us. It's a very difficult book, full of the language and the feelings of a former era, full of the hopes and aspirations of a former time. My own relationship to works in translation is highly poetic, since written language always turns itself for me into images. I constantly think and dream in various languages, and I think of translation as something magical. The images I see while reading a book like Anna Maria Ortese's L'Iguana in Italian and then while reading the same book in English are very different, even in passages where the meaning of the words is precisely the same."
                      —Berty Skuber