Cover by Philip Davenport and Ben Gwilliam

The naked tea party

Alan Halsey Anna Macgowan
Atlas Group Benjamin Gwilliam
Carol Watts Carolyn Thompson
Darren Marsh Dave Griffiths
David Tibet Geof Huth
George Widener Geraldine Monk
The Gingerbread Tree Hainer Wörmann
Harald Stoffers Helmut Lemke and Kerry Morrison
James Davies Jesse Glass
Laurence Lane Lee Patterson
Li E Chen Liz Collini
Matt Dalby Michael Wilson
Maurice Carlin Nick Blinko
Nico Vassilakis Rachael Elwell
Robert Grenier Robert Sheppard
Sarah Sanders Sean Bonney
Sue Arrowsmith Tony Lopez
Tony Trehy  

William Blake

"an editorial" by Philip Davenport
"Ekleksographia" by Kirstie Gregory
"Echolocation" by Holly Pester
"Maggie O'Sullivan and Bob Cobbing: Poetry as Haptic Allegory" and "a drawing where but not" by Todd Thorpe and Patricia Farrell
"Tree Haptics" by Stephen Vincent
"Handwriting" by Steve Waling
"World Wool Wind" by Carol Watts



Ekleksographia is an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn. 


This issue is edited by Philip Davenport.

Philip Davenport is


Cover by Philip Davenport and Benjamin Gwilliam

Benjamin Gwilliam is and