Art by Laure Sulger-Libessart and Anne Deberly-Rome

Barbara Beck

Philippe Beck:
English translations
by Audrey van de Sandt
and Alexis Tchoudnowsky

David Christoffel with an English
transversion by Alexander Dickow

Alessandro De Francesco:
English translations
by Noura Wedell
and Alexandro de Francesco

Jennifer K. Dick

Henri Droguet:
English translations
by Alexander Dickow
and Henri Droguet

Raymond Federman

Raymond Federman
with an English translation
by Alexander Dickow

Raymond Federman 
with a French craduction
by Pierre Le Pillouër

Bruno Fern

Frédéric Forte
with English translations
by Michelle Noteboom

Albane Gellé:
English translations
by Jennifer K. Dick

Liliane Giraudon:
English translation
by Mark Weiss

Amy Hollowell

Pierre Joris

Margaret Konkol

Nicholas Manning

Elisa McCool

Maria Rusanda Muresan

Michelle Noteboom
with French translations
by Frédéric Forte

Jean-Claude Pinson:
English translations
by Leemore Malka

Jody Pou

Christian Prigent:
English translations
by Alexander Dickow

Rufo Quintavalle

Joe Ross

James Sacré:
English translations
by David Ball

Alexandra Sashe

Eric Suchère:
English translations
by Carrie Noland

George Vance

Chet Wiener:
an English translation
by Geneva Chao

Adam Biles reviews Napoleon's Travelling Bookshelf by Sarah Hesketh
Nicholas Manning reviews Strata by Joe Ross
Jennifer K. Dick reviews Kardia by Claude Royet-Journoud
Margaret Konkol reviews WIW?3: Hold me tight. Make me happy by C. J. Martin


Ekleksographia is an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn. 


This issue was curated by Alexander Dickow.  

Alexander Dickow grew up in Moscow, Idaho. He currently lives in Châtillon, France, where he is pursuing doctoral research on the works of Blaise Cendrars, Guillaume Apollinaire and Max Jacob. He has translated the work of Max Jacob, Henri Droguet, Jean-Claude Pinson and others into English, and of poems by Amy King, Ana Bozicevic-Bowling and others into French. He is currently translating the work of the Swiss poet Gustave Roud into English, part of which has appeared in the online translation journal Calque. His poetry has appeared in French and in English in journals including Sitaudis, Il particolare, can we have our ball back?, Little Red Leaves and others, and he has work forthcoming in Daniel Zimmerman and Caryll Balzano’s Arsenal. He is the author of the bilingual collection Caramboles (Paris: Argol Editions, 2008). A complete bibliography is available on his sporadically evolving weblog, Voix Off.

Cover Illustration

Cover illustrations: "Petite fille" by Laure Sulger Libessart; Bottles by Anne Deberly-Rome

Laure Suger-Libessart is a ceramics artist whose studio, Un jour d’Atelier, is located in Montparnasse (Paris), where she teaches ceramics and pursues her work. Although devoted to exploring her medium inventively, her previous training as an architect and designer gives her a sense of the object’s purpose and coherence. You can find out more about her on her website, or at Un jour d’Atelier.

Photo by Thomas Deschamps,

After working with the ceramics artist Agnes Nivot and completing pottery wheel training with the master potter Augusto Tozzola, Anne Deberly-Rome decided to begin teaching ceramics. She has now been teaching for seven years: first in a Parisian studio, then in her own studio, Un jour d’Atelier, situated in Montparnasse (Paris). Her approach to the medium confronts touch and balance; she toys with agression and with contrasts between forms and textures.