from Instructions for I-485, Application for Infinite Residence (work in progress)

What is the purpose of form I-485? (4. Photos)

Who began to register the change
within yourself, permanent
and unretouched?
Is this a form of immigration
identical to photographs,
printed to adjust you
to their white background?
By filing the date of residence,
states apply glossy finish
to a certain thin Citizenship
with photos that submit Cuban nationals
to a permanent unmounted state.
A person must be used for thirty days,
or have residence in the U.S.:
on paper, this off-white resident is
united. The application of color
and form must also be taken in
and used by two services.
This request may be permanent.


You see, the gift wrap already is
the gift: like God's names
beautiful glossy over the mummies
of our marvelous luck.


When leaned I then just bare the rim above
you're drinking waters and the waters
that I'm poured, and see the crisp refreshment
vanished somewhere your ravine inside.
Devour you're the apple which I toss
in after with a fish, and bread, and
blessing as I watch at disappeared them
one another at a time, and think
of how I'm possible have listen sounds
of splash which echo faintly walls against,
unless imagination plays with tricks
for me. I try on lower buckets,
but I'm either reach my rope an end
without your bottom, or you're bitten off
the bucket and the rope will swallow
with it. Once I'm finally cast like coins
my every appetite in yours, perhaps
I'll threw the towel down and in my luck
along it too, and wonder where
the bottom hit will they before I do,
were I decide to follow them beneath.


Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Alexander Dickow

Alexander Dickow comes from Moscow, Idaho, USA and currently lives in Châtillon, France. Application for Infinite Residence is a series of poems based on and around U.S. green card application instructions (current USCIS forms and instructions available at and; please note the $1,000+ application fee). He is the author of Caramboles, a book of poems in French and English published by the Parisian press Argol Editions.