from Obedience

[When queried, one must supply a justification for one's behavior]

When queried, one must supply a justification for one's behavior

This doesn't actually do anything

Time can be metaphorically represented by a corridor or trench

Proof is a set of points of corroboration over which one can fit a line

A Tanzanian tribe believes that if one does something shocking, one's neighbors whisper about it and cause one to fall ill from their cold, collective breath

A set of points of corroboration over which one can fit a line is proof

Time can only be metaphorically represented

Justify reading this

There is a sonic equivalent to an afterimage

Ideally, a tool's utility is self-evident

Tautologies can be inverted around their central "is"

You don't want this

Overreact to this

[Every sentence is a noun]

Every sentence is a noun

The adult phase for some insect species is so brief that they never eat

Anything linear can be represented by a corridor or trench

This is this, now

And this is this, now

Poems cannot be self-evident

Recuse yourself

If you are reading this line, then it is too late to recuse yourself

A diviner tosses a preselected set of objects, each with its categorical yet open significance, in a large bowl to read and interpret their proximities when he stops tossing them

Sight is always focused upon a point

This is the first half of a significance

A fact statement can be represented by a propeller or seesaw

Prove the veracity of this

The unit of measurement for electrical resistance is the ohm

Conditions exist before they are named

This is two-dimensional

Before existing as abstractions, numbers were discrete and unique quantities that vanished after the situational need that called them into being was fulfilled

Names are one-dimensional

Resistance is energy changing form

This comprises you

[Sight does not require intelligence]

Sight does not require intelligence

Necessities aren't self-indulgent

The previous line preceded this line

The previous line preceded this line

Proofs reference laws, which themselves have dependencies, which themselves have proofs

So long as this is not the first line, it's always true to say that the previous line preceded this line

A word and its definition comprise a tautology

Necessities cannot be self-indulgent

This is tacit

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Chris Vitiello

Chris Vitiello's Irresponsibility came out last year on Ahsahta Press. He is concerned with, among other things: clarification, light, stars, the sky, wind, trees, birds, deduction, eyes, leaves, people and their observable behaviors,the soil, flowers and their growth, description and representation, skins and peels, seeds, cross-sections, dictionary definitions, synonyms and antonyms but especially synonyms, utility, analysis, skepticism, kindness, goodness, quantity, measurement, direct commands, questions, and fact statements. He lives in Durham, North Carolina, is dad to two terrific daughters, and works on literacy issues in the public schools.