There's an intersection
a road you can't see around either end.
Like a lifespan you just see
what it lets you see. There's an apartment
building like a freightliner on one side,
and a garage with a minivan on a lift.
No one drives it,
it stays there
like a fire extinguisher,
you feel safer if you don't use it.
I'm doing this because they are filling
me with baseball, with Tom Cruise,
with hamburgers and water
bottled in Atlanta. They drive Mercedes.
They daycare their kids. They rake their lawns,
and they retire. How could I ever
be one of them?
In front of the apartment, once,
I saw a midget retouching the railing
with a silver paint can.
We don't paint
to have painting careers.
And it isn't a voice, or expression,
or fortress or weapon.
It's a pillow.
It's what we dream into.


There's this guy
from the neighborhood
Leon Galitsin
who claimed he was descended
from Nicholas Romanov
the last Russian czar.
He worked
as a tampon salesman.
Sometime in the 70's
he flipped out on coke
moved to Chicago
and a bunch of mobsters
burned him to death
in his apartment. The cops found
his hairpiece
and false pinky finger.
That's what I thought about
when the janitor handed me
a quarter filled envelope labeled
Kotex $$.
That's when I knew
I was disappearing.


The ship stood on the end
of the pier
in a town where love hotels
alternated with gravestone dealers.
I was raised to never
lie cheat steal
but that's how I've decided to
make a living
serving one force or another
with little care
for the morality of who
I serve.
So maybe I have to lie
to tell the truth
like how we don't want to plunder
we want what the plundering represents.
We don't really want to
stand under a flag
we just want to
stand for something.

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Dan Boehl

Dan Boehl is a poet. His chapbook, Work, won the 2006 Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Award. It is about working in an art museum. His current project, The Kings of the F**king Sea, is about pirates. He is a staff writer for ...might be good and works for the University of Texas at Austin.