I Can Feel My Brain Already in the Christ Grid

Between today and tomorrow
what I like is to pantomime and then
do it for real. I can't be any more earnest
than I am right now. Basically
everybody in the future needs to die.

Thankfully I Have No Borders

I have visions like
you wouldn't believe.
I feed on plasma and cry a lot
and suck at feelings. The end of all things
is perverted. Everybody
is already here and I rule way too much.

Glory Hole

I eat steak every day because
it's them or me. The masterpiece
is the frame I hang around my neck
and shove my face in. I wake up
like the night is impossible. My name
in lights and the arms of the jerk
I feel the most. Every time I think
This is a blast and completely fucked.

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Dan Hoy

Dan Hoy lives in Brooklyn. He is coauthor of Glory Hole | The Hot Tub (Mal-O-Mar, April 2009), written with Jon Leon.