from Hospitalogy

Television Incision (Reflections on Drift, Sentence—Burst)

University of Washington Hospital, October 2008

Dear Static,

I heard you in the next room
A double room,

An epiself
An ikea idea:

The cars must have gone to bed

Times such as these [insert adverb akin to a slightly ambiguous sigh]
Times such as these is a loose nail,
Language is always

Facing a precipice, plank or wiretap.

Usually plastic maybe foam,
Sometimes oldworld metal and sin-
Function, your noises.

The casual drift of commentary

The dark hospital jargon, is it that spectacle

He talked about
He talked about yelled from a window
At a violence too particulate,
Too French too               affect, pardon

Our French.

(The non-reflective sentences)

To evince oneself of any next week.

National holiday.

Amazon purchase.

Electric thing that seems not electric.

Your shower is top-notch.

Your soap is abundant.

Your cough should be looked into.

What's not there is eye-tyranny
Playing dressup game

With your sickbed,

Your cavity cavities
All the way

Turtles and dolls itself

In a burst of marrow and glow.

from Prefab Eulogies

{eulogy for disaster suite}

after Rob Halpern

ate nothing today, not even

to fuck in a friendly fire of fist and bend, any of its conjugates,

our war as you tease tissues selected for expulsion

defaults on its custodial relation-

ship, & how far can flack oiled hands push [palms press]

this thing, headboard loose grip self-

inflicted waterboard distraction device, push

"evenings" knowing biting evenings know

no objective end

                           untoward proposition on isle 13

from Prefab Eulogies

{eulogy for henwifery}

after Jane Sprague

little known fact of the saddle stitch, preventative


between molecules you say


morning's mourning

molecular barrierwise a shunting the walls

needle knotting stings under, their working

burning sense the fugue of Krebs

you said I believe you wrote

on a morning like this one

prior to the undoing trees
That peopled tension of which you wrote in the margins of King's Letter from a Birmingham jail: we write to right? Enmassed scorched conscience the lot hour lot, parahewn. And tarlot of lamps of "outlet" only lamps ablaze now but for the margins, from palm heat rises if "from" this flesh is upward, word-object turning, this turning tension not let it be, not to supplicate but letters actions an ambulation knuckled stick made to reed, plant unsilence of the un-written you wrote, burned soon after

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


David Wolach

David Wolach is professor of writing, poetics, & philosophy at The Evergreen State in Olympia, Washington, and visiting poet in Bard College's Workshop in Language & Thinking.  Author of Fractions of M, The Transcendental Insect Reader, Acts of Art/Works of Violence, and the forthcoming Scripto Erratum (sound/text compositions, scored with composer Arun Chandra & video artist Tasha Glen), David's work has appeared this year or is forthcoming from Bird Dog, CRIT, Night Train, Diode, The Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, Venereal Kittens, [...]: An Anthology of New American Writing, AB OVO, and Ignavia Press: Journal of Transgressive Queer Writing.  Much of his work is multi-media and performative, and has been featured at venues such as Buffalo Poetics Series 2009, The American Cybernetics Conference 2009, and Bard's Visiting Poets Series.  David is also editor of Wheelhouse Magazine & Press and curator of PRESS: A Cross-Cultural Literary Conference.