quiet as it's kept

no one tells you about these boys  :  their quiet feminism
grows like wildflowers  :  in their mothers' gardens  :  you
should take a field
                            trip  :  i'm telling you  :  they are
architechtural flourishes
                                               all about town  :  baroquing
libraries  :  finishing museums with clean modern lines  :  no
one tells you not to look past neat
                                                    in search of
or brawn  :  the masculinity that winks and whistles at you
like times
                 square or roars and kicks up dust like a pick-up
truck  :  the open
                          secret of such sexiness has its charms  :
but the boys who open doors for men
                                                                       women  :  who
catch you watching them adjust
                                                   their glasses and eye you
a smile  :  no one tells you what such subtle signs can mean
:  i'm telling you that these boys
and their quiet twinkling eyes can spark enough heat to warm
you through a massachusetts winter  :  pools of melt making
mud of your footprints  :  behind you
                                   the ice freezing silently
over your private spring

clare's song

blonde   fair   bleached   faded   pale   pastel   light
blameless   clean   guiltless   innocent   pure   clear
anatomy   build   figure   person   physique   form
complexion   countenance   hue   mien   tint   cast
bead   dab   dash   iota   ounce   spot   trace   drop
succeed   answer   do   qualify   suffice   suit   pass

authorization   permit   ticket   license   paper   visa   pass
effortless   facile   moderate   smooth   undemanding   light
abandon   dismiss   disown   quit   reject   renounce   drop
jump   leap   hurdle   negotiate   surmount   vault   clear
actors   artists   characters   company   players   roles   cast
behavior   conduct   custom   manner   practice   rite   form

arrange   assemble   concoct   create   devise   forge   form
cross   depart   flow   go   move   proceed   travel   pass
copy   duplicate   facsimile   mold   plaster   replica   cast
amusing   blithe   gay   merry   pleasing   witty   light
accumulate   acquire   gain   net   realize   secure   clear
decrease   decline   downturn   reduction   slump   drop

bleed   dribble   leak   ooze   seep   splash   trickle   drop
character   class   grade   make   species   variety   form
audible   coherent   distinct   lucid   plain   precise   clear
canyon   cut   gap   gorge   path   opening   ravine   pass
airy   buoyant   delicate   feathery   unsubstantial   light
emit   diffuse   radiate   shed   spray   spread   scatter   cast

appoint   assign   choose   designate   name   pick   cast
abyss   chasm   descent   dip   plunge   precipice   drop
angle   approach   aspect   attitude   slant   viewpoint   light
application   sheet   chart   questionnaire   blank   form
advance   overture   proposition   approach   play   pass
absolute   convinced   decided   satisfied   sure   clear

bare   empty   free   stark   vacant   vacuous   void   clear
boot   fling   heave   hurl   launch   project   toss   cast
predicament   contingency   crisis   plight   state   pass
collapse   duck   flop   tumble   pitch   plummet   drop
format   framework   order   scheme   structure   form
beacon   bulb   dawn   flash   ray   shine   torch   light

model   pattern   fashion   form   appearance   contour   cast
luminous   radiant   clear   sunny   ablaze   aglow   light
ebb   fade   wane   depart   drop   end   die   decease   pass

                                                            —after nella larsen

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Evie Shockley

Evie Shockley is the author of a half-red sea (Carolina Wren Press, 2006) and two chapbooks: 31 words * prose poems (Belladonna* Books, 2007) and The Gorgon Goddess (Carolina Wren Press, 2001). She co-edits the journal jubilat. Also a literary scholar, she is completing a book on black aesthetics and formal innovation in African American poetry. She teaches African American literature and creative writing at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.