Tall People Have Hurt Knees

Helen asked if I thought she was wearing underwear

She kept her lips

There was a drop of piss but I didn't care

By my hand she pulled me to the ground

She is very flexible she said tell me what you've never told anyone

We snuck to the bathroom when the girls were asleep

I can fix anything even my own knee

Which fog is it

I hadn't noticed her height until she turned around and gripped the sink

We didn't want to the girls to hear us

I can come just by looking at you

Some hair stuck to her bottom lip her breath fogged the mirror

The witch pulls a brick from the wall

She followed me home when I lost my job

When you have something a witch wants

It's still just a wall no crumbling with one brick missing

Hit hard enough the leg will bend in the opposite direction

My kneecap is a floating broken shield and the tendons are desperate

She barely moves her hand like whisking

She says when the man is hurt and I will take one of my girls

I say did you really think I protected them

You can't ask someone who can not to kill you

Helen comes through the snow and carries me home

Love is love love love

You're wearing those hose they were hanging in the bathroom

She puts a log on the fire

I can make you get so wet

The girls bring her a towel and a bucket of ice for my knee

More Words of Love

I was standing on the chair
when you came through the door.
Do you think last night's discussion
reached an endpoint.
A lexicon develops by and by.
We look at the ring,
then at each other
and back at the ring.
You could try it on.
What if as if.
Summer as a decorated box
with bad moods.
We are people together.
The whole world is us.
When I first see you tomorrow,
you'll tilt your head
and walk to your desk without pants.
Sometimes all we talk about is the future.

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Farrah Field

Farrah Field's first collection of poems, Rising, won the 2007 Levis Prize and is available from Four Way Books. Her poems have appeared in many publications including the Mississippi Review, Margie, The Massachusetts Review, Pool, Typo, Harp & Altar, 42Opus, La Petite Zine, Sojourn, and are forthcoming in Pebble Lake Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Fulcrum, and The Pinch. She lives in Brooklyn and blogs at adultish.blogspot.com.