from HOMO SENTIMENTALIS : A Guide in Verse to Modern Emotional Intimacy

Love Poem 464

purses its * own
definition as the underside
of still shocked sight . . . it removes
reaming in such subtle turnings
to trip into the soft *
of some silken
numinous * net . . . this is
skin : stretched * skein of some
sacred world in wide
old epistemes are
ended : falling whispers of caress
-ing shades * shaking off sleep
's gold * glitters from
the lids of lisping

Love Poem 465

in *
you do I divide
you * double ? my dreams
dealing out demonic Doppelgängere
ganging up in the aether
of your singular *
esprit ?
I know you
are not this : no picture-mirror *
of mired projections' mixed madness
-es staring back in a mental
heaven at eye * -less
reflections of
yourself . . .
singular : entire !
singing one movement *
which this ink's isolating irradiations
(our rays of rhapsodic alterities)
cannot ever rupture or
rank * -ly ir-

Love Poem 466

smoke *
smiles out upwards
from your life's lips leaving
suggestions of sidereal serpents
or your * love's ill imminence
in even its unstarted
which winds within
your hair : a thousand threads
of still silver fractured * future age
arcing (aching) within
your *
absolute actual
coiled curvatures of
youth's agate arabesques
mixed * with a mist's light lingerie
from your lungs gently * leaving
seeming breath's simulacra
in my imagined *

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Nicholas Manning

Nicholas Manning's first collection Novaless (elements towards a metaphysic) was released by Otoliths in 2008. Hi Higher Hyperbole, a chapbook of new poems, is forthcoming from Ypolita Press. He is the editor of the video forum for contemporary poetics The Continental Review, and teaches comparative poetics at the University of Strasbourg, France.