(for the king's 13th wife)

The penis of the kingdom
Signs every page of the best virginity
The family the kingdom the playground
                               marries itself
                               makes love to itself
                               gives birth to itself
                               marries itself again
Democracy only a shift from downthrust to upthrust
That makes bedmatics a game of give-and-take
And equal rights, to calm the nerves of the fem observer

Thirteen wives of the kingdom
Thirteen political parties famous in their luxury
Divide the kingdom against itself if the road to the king's heart
Is through the vulva of the naked village

Swazistika swaggering, swaggering, swaggering
Into an economy of leaking baskets
Ass it was in the beginning
Traditions without end...

mouse song

click click clang
cloak clix khosa
axe ass ask elks
clax clung klegg

nkossi kassi claws
nkossi khosa claws
click khosa clicks
ong soon swoon
clag inkosa inkus brobdinag

clikc click klick kho
sa, bwana inkh

sa, vosta both
a, broda

Delight: the Light

(Reflections on Anny Ballardini's "On this Day")

Text in the dark room in need of the Light; not already
The Light. The Light intervening, penetrating.
The Light revealing the texts,
Text readable in the Light
Text speaking in the Light
Text speaking because of the Light

Greater light flooding in, in dimensions
Minor light peering
Conversing with the Light of lights. Delight: the Light

The Light of finding the text, first Light.
The Light of recognizing the text: second Light.
The Light that reads the text: Third Light.

The Light within the text converging with the Light that reads: First Delight
The Light of the convergence inhabiting the reader: Second Delight
The Light of the convergence of Lights the reader's habit: Third Delight

The Light the beginning.

And the Light because of the Dark, too.
Darkness therefore Light.

The Light therefore Delight.
The Dark therefore fear.
But the Light for the Dark, always.

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Obododimma Oha

Obododimma Oha teaches Semiotics, Stylistics, and Creative Writing at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems have appeared in Otoliths, Shadowtrain, Postcolonial Text, African Writing Online, Sentinel Poetry Online, Foggedclarity, and Agenda. Blogs: UDude.wordpress.com, Edutitra.blogspot.com, and Obododimma.livejournal.com.