in the body / of the body

Thus, perturbations of matter.
Thus, deformations form.
Things / Beasts emergent.

Shadows in some sense

Lit within

Finite, putty like,


in the mind / of the mind

an effaced so quickened,
so open, so bright


Beast, there are more
than one thousand things.

strings             vibrations
out of darkness
strings      pitch      light


All along we've been uncertain,
now we see electrons


in the body / of the mind

a totem of pudding,
totemic of

The beast is all these things
, none
, more
, rising.
, and so all the more frightening


in the mind / of the body

not a / body
anumber of / withoutward of

infinite and infinite

shadows // in some sense
lit withoutward

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Ossian Foley

Ossian Foley lives in Brooklyn, NY, for the time being. He recently finished at Columbia University and is about to start at the University of Iowa. His poems have been or will be published in 6x6, LVNG, The Weekly WoKer, and elsewhere.