to trace the route to my desperation

let me give you away
half my face
here, hold it and run
you fingers all over
and feel it sink
under your touch before
you flood
my eye with a palm
of darkness (can you
notice its mush-
room bloom?)
and then your nail leaves
a trail across
the jagged edge of
skin that wraps around
your gaze as you seek

the book that never ends

i was reading a book on zen when a bomb was dropped
in a market in some country and there were a lot of people
who were shown on the tv and they looked pretty
miserable and i think they would have been very angry
about the bomb in their lives if they hadn't been dead
and i thought:
these people know all about zen because they have always lived
in the now; their past is nothing but a bird in the sky that blurs
in an instant and their future is like the teapot orbiting in space
and here i am reading a book about the now when all i have got
to do is look outside my window and see the leaves
blush before their fall, the red of the sun slowly
wrapping itself around the soil till there was nothing
that kept the leaves from the becoming the earth

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Rohith Sundararaman

Rohith Sundararaman is a twenty-four year old poet writing out of Bombay, India. His work has appeared or will appear in elimae, eclectica, ghoti magazine, word riot, gud magazine, decomp, defenestration, tipton poetry journal, pratilipi, two review, orange room review, mipoeasias and other places. Recently, a poem of his was chosen as the best in a contest judged by poet Marvin Bell.