in the end
Hamlet was a zombie piece
which doesn't take
a souped-up ambulance
to catch ghosts
or their ghosts
we rest on shoulders of electricians
imagine how the phone feels
when it rings
we talked so long
I fell asleep in that position
sorta seahorse
by a one-horse race
an open window
fire escape
the sky
why can't I get closer
to rainbows
multiple choice tests
offer possible answers
churches are more specific now-a-days
did you say riots
are passé or blasé
gimme one good mantra
not rooted in baby talk
who says "faux?"
a little dance will do
power of attorney is power of attorney
is what I always say
I shit you not
history is like that kid
who transferred in the 9th grade
with a tape recorder duct-taped to his chest
like a bomb like a friend
he was writing a book
what ever happened to him

direction is arbitrary
when driving through a desert
blankets of snow
make no sense
when you said I felt like a documentary
on darkness my heart began
to race
lord don't let me be haunted
by poor directions to a party in Brooklyn
with the woman I love
sure there's a market for it
I'm telling you
the squirrels are up to something
just ask the trees
it's in the air
butterfly knives and ghost forests
vie for my imagination
growing up with progressive parents
is like a trailer for an SNL movie
where they show all the good parts
you spend a bunch of money and time
for nothing a fortune
teller told me the loss
of video tape will destroy me
memory's reprise
it's getting cold outside
I'm not speaking figuratively
apparently throwing up horns
in this country doesn't translate
why is it always Ezra Pound with you
a computer has learned to identify beauty
it's likely the sky
is upside down
people are starving
wake me up
when we reach
the giant peach

I dug your horror-movie intro
the feathers are everywhere
how calm was that guy on Oprah
just thinking about the world
my niece will know
is a major freak out
I thought it was an actual statue
of limitations
imagine the pigeon shit
ever call in a bomb threat
to your wife while she was cooking dinner
I feel like doing that
all the time
do you have a real job
interview or are you just being beautiful
lead by your lack of dreams
every suit is the wrong suit
put yourself in my scales
for a second
I can do anything
voilá a cupcake
going up in flame
at the hands of an amateur magician
it doesn't take much to amaze
these ants inside my computer
I've been talking to children
about whether bee shit exists
a falcon talk joke
similar to one about wolf dust
it's difficult
pretending to be snow
there are so many things to cover
just being yourself
the dove
the crow
the dove

Ekleksographia #2

July, 2009


Sampson Starkweather

Sampson Starkweather's most recent chapbook, The Heart is Green from So Much Waiting is forthcoming from Immaculate Disciples Press. He is also the author of City of Moths from Rope-a-Dope Press and The Photograph from horse less press. He dwells deep within da Qua.